An Ode to Costa Rica’s Arenas Del Mar

Having traveled to more than 10 countries and countless U.S. states together, bae and I have visited many memorable hotels.  We’ve been lucky enough to have stayed everywhere from luxurious Ritz Carlton suites to private spice garden hideaways in India.  Through it all, we’re yet to find a resort that captured our hearts quite like Arenas Del Mar

Chalk it up to the frozen sangrias or the pura vida lifestyle but our trip to Arenal and Manuel Antonio four years ago was pure magic.

We zip lined down the side of an active volcano.  We lounged in natural hot baths. We hiked through the jungle.  But nothing beat our time at Arenas Del Mar resort.

Set between pristine sandy beaches and the Costa Rican jungle, Arenas Del Mar is not just a resort.  It is an experience. 


Here’s why we’re still longing to return.

(FYI: I truly just love this resort — no partnership or sponsorship.  I only wish!)

The Authenticity

Staying at Arenas Del Mar truly feels like staying at a luxury treehouse in the jungle.

They’ve done such a good job embracing their surroundings that it’s almost as if the resort was always there. In fact, you’re so enveloped by nature that you often share your porch with monkeys (side note: the monkeys have sticky fingers — so be sure to deadlock all the doors and keep your valuables close by).


The Exclusivity

Being so secluded, the resort features a private beach and roads only trafficked by their fleet of golf carts.


The beaches are so private, they offer oceanside massages.  Bae surprised me with our first couples massage here.  There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing the waves crashing as all the tension from endless desk days is worked away.

The Hospitality

Everyone you meet at Arenas Del Mar takes hospitality to another level. 

The moment you walk onto the grounds, you’re greeted by a concierge who hands you pressed juice to sip on as she describes the amenities.  From there on your encounters only get friendlier, from the server who brings you the most delicious breakfast you’ve ever eaten to the worker who offers you a coconut fresh from the tree, everyone is committed to making sure you find your bliss.


Not surprisingly, my favorite encounter was with the bartender at happy hour each night.  Yes, they have happy hour!  Try the frozen sangria.  I still dream about it.

Until the next time, Arenas Del Mar.  Because trust me — there will be a next time.