Meet Katie

10600353_10100741542584585_8017504582236259641_nMy name’s Katie, and I’m your typical corporate chick who spends a lot of quality time in her cubical.  Though I’d love to tell you I’ve had a life changing epiphany that’s lead me to leave it all behind and follow my passion of traveling the world full-time, I am not quite
there (yet).

For now, I’ve decided to procrastinate most of life’s milestones and prioritize exploration, adventure and, dear I admit, overindulgence in the timeoff I’ve put in the office hours to earn.

I am traveling the world.

I am eating mind-blowingly delicious food.

I am saying, “I’ll have what he’s having.”

I am in constant pursuit of my next great adventure.

And I am doing it all with bae.

Now, you may ask, “Who is this bae?” (You may even judge me 10600450_10100745392549225_9009682751436338035_n.jpgfor using the word bae – don’t worry, I wouldn’t blame you.)  Nonetheless, bae is my boyfriend of half a decade, Kush.  My opposite in many ways, Kush is the reliable instigator of all of my excursions.

Together, we’ve ziplined down a volcano in Costa Rica, wandered castle halls in Ireland, cruised through the backwaters of India, sipped wine in Portugal and Italy and we’re nowhere near done yet.

Baecation Days is my attempt at sharing these experiences – the ups and downs of traveling with your significant other and the pure joy that can come from experiencing the world with the one you love