Three Incredible Places to Stay in Ireland

Carbs. Countrysides. Castles.  What’s not to love about Ireland? 

When bae and I set out to drive the southern half of the country a few years back, we couldn’t have predicted how much we’d enjoy our week — or how much extra weight we’d be bringing back with us.  Seriously, those Irishmen know how to handle heavy food and booze!

Bae was responsible for keeping a roof over our heads as we made it across the country, and I have to hand it to him, he knocked it out of the park.

Here are our three favorite hotels from the trip:

Glenlo Abbey

We were transported back in time as we drove through the gates of the Glenlo Abbey.  Suddenly, we were in 1740 visiting a knight’s family in their Galway castle complete with estate staff and medieval embellishments.

As we brought ourselves back to present day, we were stopped in our tracks as we took in the property’s sprawling green lawns and vibrant gardens.  Inside, everything from our metal room keys to our lavish suite was fit for royalty.


We were particularly fond of the oak cellar bar nestled below the structure’s massive stone foundation in the basement the castle.  It was one of the coziest places we drank all trip.  However, they’re more well-known for their Pullman Restaurant — a diner set on two original Pullman carriages.  This may sound gimmicky to some but apparently the food is nothing to snuff at as the restaurant was recently awarded the prestigious AA rosette.

Adare Manor

As we left the Glenlo Abbey, we were sure our accommodations would go downhill from there.

We were wrong.

The Adare Manor had even more expansive grounds and required a golf cart to get from one side to the next.


Inside, the building’s Neo-Gothic heritage rings true and the level of design detail is unbelievable. 

A bit more secluded than the Glenlo, Adare Manor is located in the quiet town of (well you guessed it) Adare.  With only a few restaurants and stores in town, the castle is truly the focal point of the area. 

The resort is currently undergoing a renovation, which will bring the room count to 104 bedrooms.  I am at a loss for what they could improve, but someone will need to visit and send me pictures.

Dublin Westin

After a week of castle hopping we were ready for a change of pace.  The Westin was just that.

Centrally located by Trinity College, the Westin offers all the comforts of home with a bit of Irish flair and history. 

Their bar, The Mint Bar, is particularly awesome.  It features the original vaults of the old bank that once stood in the Westin’s place.  It is renown for its cocktails but also serves dinner, lunch and bar bites.


One thing is for sure, there’s no shortage of exciting places to stay in Ireland — all you have to do is get there.


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