Top Three Things to See in Santa Monica

Before I say this, promise not to judge me.

Do we have a deal? Awesome! 

img_8817Here it comes…. I never liked LA.

Between the traffic and superficial vibe, I was pretty sure the only thing it had going for it was In-N-Out.  Don’t get me wrong — that was enough to keep me coming back.  Who doesn’t love their fries animal style?

That was all before I experienced Santa Monica. In the short time I had there, it completely changed my perspective.  I am now a true Cali fan for life.  From the Mexican food to the sandy beaches, I loved it all, but here are a few of my favorites.

Venice Beach

We all know I love a good beach, but Venice Beach was more than just a great patch of sand.  It had an energy like no other.  The people knew they were unique and owned it.  Everyone from skateboarders to artists came alive along the coast. 

We needed to be a part of it all so we rented bikes (highly recommend Jay’s Rentals) and spent the day working our way from one side of the boardwalk to the other.   We did everything from shopping to drinking coconut water while taking in the views.

With everything from body builders to painted palm trees, it is truly a scene to experience for yourself.


Santa Monica Pier

The Pier brought me right back to my childhood.  With arcades, hot dogs, rides and even margaritas at Mariasol, the fun is endless.  

If you go at sunset, you’ll get a real treat.  The sky turns the most magical shade of orange as the day comes to a close.


The Bungalow

Nestled among the trees, you completely forget that you’re between a busy road and a massive hotel while you’re sipping your cocktails at the Bungalow.  My favorite bar of the trip, it’s classy without being pretentious. Trendy while still feeling welcoming and quaint.   

If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a day on the beach, it will be perfect for you.

So apparently my opinions can be swayed — you just have to be as amazing as Santa Monica.


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