How to Plan the Ultimate Day Trip to Capri

Though I may not be Italian by blood, I am certainly Italian by heart.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast convinced me as much.

It took me no time at all to immerse myself in their way of life.  Espresso in the morning.  Friendly banter with the locals.  Gelato midday.  Aperitifs in the afternoon (oh the aperitifs). Carb load at dinner.  Wash, dry, repeat.

And what’s more Italian than a day trip to Capri?  If you happen to get so lucky, here’s what not to miss.

Boat Tour

IMG_0036.jpgThe only way to get to Capri is by boat.  Sure, you could take a ferry with crowds of people and get there as quickly as possible, but then you’d miss so much of the island’s character. 

Why not reserve a spot on a semi-private charter boat with a local boat captain, meet six to eight new friends and catch all the landmarks along the way?

You’ll even get to navigate through the natural caves, referred to as grottos, as their blue waters are illuminated by the sun’s reflection.  Each is uniquely its own.  The Blue Grotto is probably the most well known, but the Green, White and Red Grottos are equally as awe-inspiring.

IMG_0038.jpgThe tour also brings you by I Faraglioni — a natural stone archway that stands as yet another testament to mother nature’s magic in this area.  Legend has it that if lovers kiss under this arch they will have a lifetime of happiness together.  I am not superstitious but even I was sure to sneak a smooch from bad as we passed below.

Note: We used Blue Star Positano, who I highly recommend.  You can book them through Viator.


Once you make it to the island, there are couple ways to make your way up to the center of town.   One that is really unique is the funicular.

You travel directly through the lemon groves in a cable car that climbs uphill and ends at the Piazzetta.

It’s not only the fastest route but has the most spectacular views.


IMG_0042.jpgWalking around with a waffle cone in hand is not optional. 

Since I really don’t think Italians know how to make a bad dessert, you’re probably fine stopping at any gelateria along your route. 

However, our absolute favorite was the hazelnut gelato at Buonocore Gelateria.  If you happen to pass by, you should check it out.  I also hear they have amazing pastries if you’re not an ice cream person (though I can’t imagine such a person exists).


Any good day trip includes some quality shopping, so after your gelato, jump on a bus and make your way to Anacapri. 

This area is a bit less crowded than Capri and offers a quieter, more authentic island experience.  There’s everything for boutique stores with luxury items to small, artisan vendors willing to make you custom leather sandals (for a price, of course). 

Once you’ve had your fill of shopping, be sure to take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro and catch the amazing views.

You could certainly spend a full weekend in Capri, but if you only have 24 hours, I say make the most of it!


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